Money to Grow Investment Club

Who We Are

     We are a group of people who are pooling our own money to invest in the viability and success of Minnesota’s local food and small farm economy through a new loan fund called Money to Grow

     We see that our current financial system is complex, opaque, anonymous, and based on short-term outcomes. We believe that people are better served by financial relationships that are direct, transparent, and personal, while focused on long-term economic and ecological benefits.

     To this end, we have created Money to Grow, a financial vehicle that will invest in small farming and ranching operations that are currently unable or unwilling to access funds from conventional sources. Our vision is to create direct relationships with our investees that are transparent and mutually beneficial.

     We will invest in small sustainable farms within the geographical area that includes Minnesota and the Tribal Nations in that geography in order to:

  • Support farming systems and practices that are sustainable and regenerative and lead to a healthier planet and a more secure and sustainable food system.

  • Support greater diversity in our farming community by making the fund especially accessible to emerging farmers - including Black, Indigenous, People-of-Color (BIPOC), women and veteran farmers. 

  •  Strengthen Minnesota’s local economy by making small loans to farms and ranches so that they may thrive.    

    Our roots are in Slow Money Minnesota and the movement to strengthen Minnesota’s local food and small agriculture economy. 

    Are you a Minnesota Farmer, interested in applying? If so, click here to fill out our pre-application.

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